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333 Fest Year End Blow Out

2018 is coming to an end.. What better way to enjoy your last daze of the year than to throw down with Sir Mike the Gypsy King?! If you've never seen $ir Mike perform live then you're in for a treat, if you have seen him then prepare to witness a raising of the bar, 333 Record Label and 3rd World Order are about to to take you to the heights of visual and audio ecstasy. Combined with Sun Sound Services, Introspective Productions, and the amazingly beautiful stage and venue provided by Bluefield Arts Center, this is soon to be the greatest show that the great city of Bluefield, WV has ever seen.

Be Sure to follow $ir Mike and the rest of #3rdWorldOrder

Make SUre you Check all $ir Mike's new hits on all major music platforms.


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333 Fest  Year End Blow Out

Dog Daze 2019

$ir Mike's Album 2/3 is now OUT!!